First Baptist Church Apache Junction
Tuesday, October 16, 2018

Sunday School

Come join us on Sunday mornings at 9:45 AM! 

We believe fellowship through Bible Study is an important part of our relationship with the Lord and our relationships with each other in Christ. As such our Sunday School ministry is comprised of classes and groups for all ages that are open, friendly, and centered on the practical application of the Word of God to equip us for spiritual growth and maturity.
We strive to learn the Bible together going verse by verse and chapter by chapter picking apart God's Word as we read it, study it, and openly discuss it. Our classes are also driven to multiply and begin new classes, thus our classes are active in community service and evangelism ministries. Our classes objective is to be under the authority of God and acknowledge His sovereignty, which requires competent knowledge of scripture. Therefore, we dive into each lesson discussing the application of His Word to our lives and growing together in our understanding of the nature of God's glory and grace.

Adults 1 - Room 505

Adults 2 - Room 405

Children - Room 101