Frequent Questions

What do you believe?

You can find an overview of our beliefs and our statement of faith by clicking here.

What time are your Worship Services and Bible Studies?

You can find our weekly schedule of worship and meeting times by clicking here.
And you can see the full church calendar by clicking here.

What does a typical Sunday Morning Worship Service include?

Worship Through Song
Our worship minister will lead several songs that we sing together as a congregation.
Worship Through Prayer
The pastor or members of the church will pray aloud as the rest of the church prays silently in agreement. Most people close their eyes to help stay focused and bow their heads in reverence for God.
Worship Through Hearing of the Word
The pastor will lead the church in reading from the Bible and will then teach and encourage the church on how to apply it to everyday life.
Worship Through Response
The pastor will invite those in attendance to respond to God and will be available to counsel and pray with individuals after the service.

Some other common questions …

What Should I Wear?
FBCAJ is a place to come as you are. On any given Sunday you will see worshipers in jeans and t-shirts, as well as dress shirts and ties.
What Kind of Music Do You Have?
During our services we sing primarily traditional hymns along with some praise choruses, typically accompianed by a piano and guitar.
What Translation of the Bible Do You Use?
Our pastor generally uses the English Standard Version (ESV), but as a church we are not committed to a specific English translation of the Bible. Our pastor and church members will regularly refer to other various translations such as the Christian Standard Bible (CSB), the New American Standard Bible (NASB), and the King James Version (KJV).